Standards-Based Educational Robotics Program

International Botball

The Botball Educational Robotics Program engages middle and high school aged students in a team-oriented robotics competition, and serves as a perfect way to meet today’s new common core standards.

By exposing students to an inquiry-based, learn-by-doing activity that appeals to their hearts as well as their minds, Botball addresses our nation’s need for a well-prepared, creative, yet disciplined workforce with leadership and teamwork experience.

In January, February, and March, the Botball Educator Workshops provide team leaders and mentors with technology training and introduce the details of that year's game. Then, after a build period of about 7 weeks, students bring their robots to their regional tournament to compete against others in the current season's game challenge.

Students use science, engineering, technology, math, and writing skills to design, build, program, and document robots in a hands-on project that reinforces their learning by:

  • Autonomous Robots: The robots are always autonomous! Botball® gives students the tools to develop sophisticated strategies using artificial intelligence with embedded systems. Students will learn to program their robots in advance using C, C++, and Java.

  • Engineering: No need for power tools or a machine shop. Competitors are at a level playing field with access to all resources. The Botball® game kit provides various parts and pieces that get you going toward building a working robot.

  • Reusable Components: In a recent survey (2011), 86% of Botball® team leaders reported using the building materials, robot controllers, sensors, and motors, for educational activities outside of Botball® throughout the academic year.

  • Training and Support: Botball® prepares teachers and mentors on how to use robotics in their classrooms, curriculum, and community. It will help prepare teachers and mentors to build a foundation that will impact their students for years to come.

305 global teams in 2017.

Greater Los Angeles Botball

22 teams in 2017

2017 Regional Workshop: February 11-12, 2017

Providence High School
511 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91505

2017 Regional Tournament:
April 29, 2017, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Providence High School
511 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91505