FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®)

2014-15 FTC Season

FTC Game: FTC Cascade Effect℠

Two Alliances – one “Red” and one “Blue,” composed of two Teams each – compete in each Match. The object of the Game is to attain a higher Score than the opposing Alliance by placing plastic Balls – both large and small – into various Goals on a center structure (Center Goal) or into different sized Rolling Goals. The Game is played in two distinct periods: Autonomous and Driver-Controlled.

The Match starts with a 30-second Autonomous Period where Robots are operated via pre- programmed instructions only. Prior to the start of the Autonomous Period, the Center Field Structure will be rotated to one of three positions. Points will be awarded for Robots achieving certain tasks including placing Autonomous Balls in the Rolling Goals and/or Center Goal , Robots moving off the Ramp/Platform, Releasing the Kickstand (and releasing balls into the field of play), and moving their Rolling Goals into the Alliance’s Parking Zone.

The two-minute Driver-Controlled Period follows the Autonomous Period. Robots are tasked with collecting Balls and placing them in the Rolling Goals. Balls Scored In the Rolling Goals are worth points based on the length of the Ball Tube and the Ball Height (Points are scored at the end of the Match).