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Nelson Team Grants
Nelson Team Grant Recipients: Lists and Maps
Nelson Team Grant LAUSD VEX IQ Leagues and Workshops: Schedules and Links
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Introductory Videos

VEX IQ Challenge Overview (2018)
Never Give Up: The Journey of Bassett Robotics (2016)

Team Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Team Guide (PDF)
Student-Centered Policy (PDF)
Code of Conduct (PDF)
VEX IQ Robot Builds, including Clawbot (PDF and Animated) and Fling 2021 Hero Bot
Fling Bot Modules for rapid build by many students (PDF)
VEX IQ Troubleshooting Flowchart (PDF)
Team Registration on (PDF)
LRT Team Set Up and Instructions (PDF)
Qualifying Criteria
VEX Participant Release Form (English) (PDF)   -- Includes instructions to upload forms
VEX Participant Release Form (Spanish) (PDF)
LAUSD Field Trips and Release Forms (PDF)   -- Copies of LAUSD webpages
Volunteer Roles Overview (PDF)
Coach Orientation for LAUSD VEX IQ Leagues Slides (PDF)

2021-2022 VEX IQ Challenge Pitching In

Game Documents and Videos

Game Videos and Challenge Documents
Game Video
Game Description (PDF)
Game Manual (PDF)
Field Appendix (PDF)
Field Assembly Instructions (ZIP)
Robot Inspection Checklist (PDF)
Referee Score Sheet (PDF)
Judge Guide and Judging Documents (PDF)
Engineering Notebook & Team Interview Rubrics (PDF)
VIQC Hub app
VEX Via app

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

LeRoy Nelson, Treasurer
Los Angeles Robotics
1457 3rd St
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Mobile phone: (310) 529-4637
Home office phone: (310) 937-7226