FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®)

Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. We call FIRST Robotics Competition the ultimate Sport for the Mind. High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.” Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of 20 or more students are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST Championship.

2020/2021 Game: INFINITE RECHARGE℠

Renewable sources of energy are everywhere, all the time. Working together in the 2020 season of FIRST Robotics Competition, INFINITE RECHARGESM, we can support boundless innovation and create a society that’s empowered, inspired, and hopeful.

In INFINITE RECHARGESM, two alliances work to protect FIRST City from approaching asteroids caused by a distant space skirmish. Each Alliance, along with their trusty droids, race to collect and score Power Cells in order to energize their Shield Generator for maximum protection. To activate stages of the Shield Generator, droids manipulate their Control Panels after scoring a specific number of Power Cells. Near the end of the match, droids race to their Rendezvous Point to get their Shield Generator operational in order to protect the city!

Season (January - April)

The 2021 FIRST® Robotics Competition season will officially kickoff in January 2021.

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Regional Directors

David Berggren, Senior Regional Director of California,,

Kimberly Beals, Regional Director Orange Co., Los Angeles, Inland Empire,

Velma Lomax, Regional Director Central Coast & Los Angeles,

Senior Mentors

Cameron Demille, San Diego FIRST Senior Mentor,

Mark Lampert, Los Angeles FIRST Senior Mentor,

Richard Sisk, Southern California FIRST Senior Mentor,

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