2009 SCRRF Fall Classic

Join us for Southern California Regional Robotics Forum’s annual off-season FIRST Robotics Competition, playing the 2009 FRC game challenge: Lunacy. The mission of the Fall Classic is to expand the awareness of FIRST Robotics Competition to students, teachers, sponsors and mentors from all across Southern California, as well as provide existing teams an opportunity to compete with their robotic creations once again. This year’s event is being hosted by FRC Teams 980 and 2404. The event is open and free to the public.

SCRRF Fall Classic 2009




John Muir High School 


1905 Lincoln Ave






30 teams

Entry Fee:


Registration Opens:


Registration Deadline:


Schedule/Agenda:                                   9:00am - 5:00pm

Other Event Specific Information:
Late Registration: $200 between 9/4/09 and 9/14/09; $250 at the door

Payment can be made either by Credit Card (at the time of registration) or by check. If paying by check, a team needs to register first and then send the payment to:

     Attn: LeRoy Nelson, Treasurer
     1457 3rd Street
     Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-6335

To learn more visit: http://team2404.org/

Questions or need additional information about this event?
Contact: Event Manager: Chris.Husmann@ngc.com, (310) 947-5509
Facilities Manager: David Brinza, team980@ix.netcom.com, (818) 522-1456
Registration: LeRoyNelson@earthlink.net, (310) 529-4637

Download the SCRRF 2009 Fall Classic Flyer




High School


Beach Bots

Hope Chapel Academy


Eagle Robotics



Foshay Robotics

Foshay Learning Center


Bagel Bytes

Culver City



West Covina


Greyhound Revolutionary Robotics




So. Pasadena & Burroughs


Team 1070



Firebird Robotics

San Marino



South, North, West, Torrance


Madtown Robotics



The Holy Cows

High Tech


Team NEY Techs (TNT)

John Muir



Stars for a Better Tomorrow


Greyhound 2



The Fall Classic was held in two gymnasiums on the John Muir High School campus courtesy of the Pasadena Unified School District. PUSD superintendent Edwin Diaz was impressed at the effort put forth by the teams and the enthusiasm of the event. The game announcer, David Seidel (JPL) provided spectators with colorful descriptions of the teams and action on the field. Dan Swando served as our DJ and kept the energy level high throughout the event. The referee corps was led by Lauren Halatek (JPL), with AJ Yeckel (Energy Innovations), LeRoy Nelson (LA FLL coordinator) and Chris Gilmore (JPL) observing the action. The field was managed by Terry Wells (Xerox), operated by Ryan Epperson (WRRF), and assisted by queuing lead Ric Roberts (Raytheon). Co-hosts were Team 980 and 2404 with David Brinza (JPL) serving as event manager. Teams 980, 2404, 1323 and 2493 assisted in field set-up and tear-down. The field management system was provided by the WRRF. Finally SCRRF, led by Chris Husmann (Northrop Grumman), was the event sponsor, furnishing the field structure, pit power distribution and other logistics support. Thanks to all who participated and helped make the 2009 SCRRF Fall Classic most certainly a hot event!

We had 14 teams with 15 robots attending. We started with several 2v2 practice rounds to get everybody back into the swing of things. Practice rounds were first come first served so teams that were prepared ran several times while others who were having trouble getting going could fix whatever needed to be fixed. All robots took the field at least once during practice.

Around 11 am the Qualification rounds began and ran until about 4 pm. The competition was fierce with several rounds that scored over 100 points. Everybody got to play 8 matches. It was practically guaranteed that you would play with or against everybody at least once. Only one robot was damaged seriously. We were Beta testing WRRF’s Field Management System and it worked flawlessly. The biggest delay was for some field damage and lasted 4 minutes. Our announcer Dave Seidel, who announces for the Regional, kept up a constant stream of color commentary.

Eliminations began around 4:15 and were over by 5:30. Awards were done by 6pm and the field loaded on the truck by 7pm. Many thanks to the Torbots for helping get the field back into storage after the trip home. Your many hands indeed made light work.
Here are the results and various awards:


1 - 973 968 1160
2 - 1538 399 980
3 - 597 330 1197
4 - 702 4973 2404

Backup: 1323, 1070, 2493


1 beats 4 in three matches 50-78, 96-40, 84-58

2 beats 3 in two matches 102-34, 77-62

2 beats 1 in finals in two matches 56-72, 56-66


Team Spirit = 2404
Most Creative Robot = 330
Highest Quality Robot = 968
Most Effective Design = 399
Peer Favorite Robot = 973
Judges' Award = 1538
Finalists: 973 968 1160
Champions: 1538 399 980


A thank you to Mark Epperson and his help in setting up the field control system. The Field
Management System provided by Western Region Robotics Forum (WRRF) was brought from the Bay Area by WRRF BOD members and Ryan Epperson, along with trailers and outposts from NASA.