Nelson Team Grants: Coach Training

One or more coaches at all new schools are expected to attend Coach Basic Training. All new coaches are welcome to attend Coach Basic Training.


  • Thursday,    06/06/24, 4-6 PM -- No interest
  • Tuesday,      08/20/24, 7-9 PM
  • Monday,      08/26/24, 4-6 PM
  • Thursday,    09/05/24, 7-9 PM
  • Tuesday,      09/10/24, 4-6 PM?, REC Foundation Coach Summit Day One
  • Wednesday, 09/11/24, 4-6 PM?, REC Foundation Coach Summit Day Two
  • Saturday,    09/14/24, 1-3 PM
  • Tuesday,      09/17/24, 7-9 PM
  • Thursday,    09/26/24, 4-6 PM
  • Saturday,    10/05/24, 1-3 PM
  • Thursday,    10/17/24, 4-6 PM
  • Agenda

    • Review of important websites and resources for coaches, 90-120 minutes
      See Team Resources and Game Resources below for links
        • Nelson Team Grants
        • Frequently Asked Questions
        • Recipient Schools
        • LAUSD VEX IQ Leagues
        • Coach Training
          • About / Contact Us / Regional Contacts
          • 2024-2025 VEX IQ Robotics Competition (VIQRC) Rapid Relay
            • Game Description
            • Game Manual
            • Quick Reference Guides
            • Training Courses
            • Field Assembly
            • Robot Inspection & Legal/Illegal Parts
            • Hero Robot
            • Game Video
            • Register for a VIQRC Event
            • Help and Support
            • RECF Library
              • Team Registration
              • Event Registration
              • Map of Local Events and Teams
              • World Skills Standings
              • Official Q&A for Game Manual and for Guide to Judging
                • Order robot kits and parts
                • Robot Builds
                • Digital Engineering Notebooks
                • Coding
                • STEM Labs
                • Questions and answers
                • Location

                  Zoom Meeting Link

DAY ONE AGENDA (Central Time) - Tuesday, September 10th, 2024

Agenda not yet announced for 2024. This was the Agenda for 2023.

5:55pm - Webinar Opens
6:00pm - Welcome, General Announcements
6:10pm - Top 10 Things EVERY Coach Should Know with Q&A
7:00pm - A Deep Dive into the REC Library with Q&A
7:50pm - Closing Remarks
8:00pm - Webinar Closes

DAY TWO AGENDA (Central Time) - Wednesday, September 11th, 2024

Agenda not yet announced for 2024. This was the Agenda for 2023.

5:55pm - Webinar Opens
6:00pm - Welcome, General Announcements
6:10pm - A Deep Dive into the VEX Library with Q&A
7:00pm - A Deep Dive into the RobotEvents with Q&A
7:50pm - Closing Remarks
8:00pm - Webinar Closes


Not yet announced.


  • Saturday, 06/08/24, 1-5 PM
  • Saturday, 08/24/24, 1-5 PM
  • Saturday, 09/07/24, 1-5 PM
  • Saturday, 09/21/24, 1-5 PM
  • Agenda

    • Build BaseBot with Sensors, 90 minutes
    • Robot Builds,Competition Kit and Full Volume Field, 10 minutes
    • Questions and answers, 10 minutes
    • Break, 10 minutes
    • Program BaseBot with Sensors, 110 minutes
    • Questions and answers, 10 minutes
    • Location

      LeRoy Nelson Home
      Los Angeles Robotcs Office
      1457 3rd St
      Manhattan Beach CA 90266

      Each Hands-On Training session at LeRoy's home is limited to 12 coaches.

      Please email if you plan to attend a Hands-On Training session.

      Coaches will be working with Generation 2 VEX IQ robot kits.

      Please bring a tablet or laptop computer with Wi-Fi and an available USB port that you can use to program a robot: System Requirements.

      Please contact LeRoy if you would like to host a Coach Hands-On Training session for 8-20 coaches.

If your team got a late start, here are two ways to prepare for a league that is starting soon:

  1. Build and practice driving a Clawbot and bring that to compete
    • Build Clawbot: Build Instructions
    • The Clawbot is much easier to build than a Hero Bot
    • Your team could build the Clawbot in about two hours
    • Your team could finish building the robot at the event
    • Your team would learn more and have more fun if they choose this way
    • If this way does not work for your team, then switch to the other way
    • Skip the first session
      • Your team would miss the opportunity to observe the robots and driving strategies of other teams
      • Your team would still be eligible to participate in the Teamwork Finals matches

Nelson Team Grants
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
RECF Commitment to Coach Excellence
RECF Code of Conduct
RECF Student-Centered Policy
RECF Team Contact Definitions
RECF Participant Release Form Instructions

  • RECF Participant Release Form, hardcopy (English) (PDF)
  • RECF Participant Release Form, hardcopy (Spanish) (PDF)
  • LAUSD Field Trips: iFieldTriip
    RECF Website Shortcuts - Easy to remember links to great content across REC Foundation websites
    Coach Certification Course (8 hours of professional development and training)
    Welcome to VEX Professional Development Plus (PD+)
    VEX IQ Educator Certification Course (14 hours of professional development and training)

    RECF Library - VIQRC

    • Get Started
      • Start Here
        • VIQRC Coaches Start Here
          • Welcome to Coaching a VEX Team
          • What is a Coach?
          • Where Should I Start?
          • How Do I Get Support?
          • Interviews with Coaches
          • Coach Summit Videos
          • Code of Conduct
          • REC Library
          • VEX Library
          • Student Resources
          • Parent Resources
        • VEX Students Start Here
          • Welcome to VEX and REC
          • Engineering
          • Notebooking
          • Coding
          • Competing
          • Code of Conduct
          • VEX Library
          • REC Library for Teams
          • More Student Resources
          • Parent and Guardian Resources
          • Scholarships
        • VEX Parents Start Here
          • What Other VEX Parents Have to Say
          • Welcome From a VEX Parent
          • More Interviews With Parents and Students
          • Universities Want Robotics Students
          • Supporting STEM Students
          • Understanding Robotics Competitions
          • Code of Conduct
          • Scholarships
        • Coach Certification Course
        • What Does a VIQRC Coach Do?
        • Starting a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Team
        • Registering a VIQRC Team
        • What's Included With a U.S. Team Registration?
        • Team Contact Definitions
        • Finding Your Regional Support Manager
        • REC Foundation Organizational Policy
        • Team Registration Structure (US Only)
        • Getting Help and Support
        • How to Navigate a Game Manual
      • More Get Started Guides
        • Building a Community of Support for Your Team
        • REC Foundation Online Challenges
        • VIQRC Space Requirements for Building and Practicing
        • VIQRC Jargon
        • Get Started Notebooking
        • VEX Digital Notebook Templates
        • Fundraising Resources for VIQRC Teams
        • Mobile Apps for VIQRC Teams
        • Adding or Updating Team Information on
        • How to Manage Team Contacts on RobotEvents
    • Robots
      • VIQRC Engineering Design Process
      • Robots
        • Get Started with a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Hero Bot
        • Building Basic Mechanisms with the VEX IQ Robotics System
        • VEX IQ Robotics Competition Robot Inspection Checklist
      • Coding
        • Get Started Coding a VEX IQ Robot
        • VEXcode VR Virtual Skills for VIQRC
    • Notebooks
      • Getting Started with VIQRC Notebooking
      • Engineering Notebook Basics
      • Advanced Engineering Notebook Techniques
      • VEX Engineering Notebook Examples
      • VIQRC Engineering Notebook vs Team Journal
      • VEX Digital Notebook Templates for VIQRC
      • How to Submit a Digital Engineering Notebook
      • Historical Examples of Engineering Notebooks
      • Patents and the Engineering Notebook
    • Competitions
      • The VIQRC Competition
      • Tournaments
        • VIQRC Event Formats and Classifications
        • Register for a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Event
        • Registering for a Signature Event
        • Attending a VEX IQ Robotics Competition Event
        • Safety Procedures at VIQRC Events
        • VIQRC Tournament Ranking Calculations
      • VEX World Championship
      • VIQRC Competition History
    • Judging
      • Guides
        • Guide to Judging: Introduction and Terms
        • Guide to Judging: Judging Principles
        • Guide to Judging: Judging Roles
        • Guide to Judging: Event Preparation and Execution
        • Guide to Judging: Awards
        • Guide to Judging: Judging Engineering Notebooks
        • Guide to Judging: Team Interviews
        • Guide to Judging: Award Deliberations
        • Guide to Judging: Remote Judging
      • Resources
        • Why Don't Teams Get Feedback from Judges?
        • Judging Resource: Engineering Notebook Rubric
        • Judging Resource: Team Interview Rubric
        • Judging Resource: Innovate Award Submission Information Form
    • Forms & Policies
    • Students & Parents
      • Student Resources
        • Students Start Here
        • Tallo Digital Badges
        • Learning Resources
        • Student Ambassadors Program
        • Internship Program
        • Scholarship Program
        • Alumni Association
      • Parent Resources
        • Audience Info for VEX Competitions
        • VIQRC Spectator Primer Part 1: The Big Picture—Structure & Season
        • VIQRC Spectator Primer Part 2: Tournaments
        • Parents Start Here
        • Your Kid Just Joined a Robotics Team. What Does That Mean?
        • How Can Parents Help?
        • VEX Tournaments 101: A Primer for Parents
        • Robotics Curriculum
      • Industry Certifications for Students
      • International Robotics Honor Society
    • 2024-2025 Rapid Relay Game Manual
    • VEX Library

  • VEX Library
    • Products
      • Education Resources
        • Get Started
        • Teaching Resources
        • Teaching 1:1
        • Funding and Grants
        • Standards
        • Research
        • PD Plus
        • Rulers - Includes Printable VEX IQ Parts Ruler
      • VEX IQ - Applied STEM Learning
        • Get Started
        • Teaching with IQ
        • Electronics
        • Mechanical
        • VEXcode IQ
        • VS Code Extension
        • VIQRC Virtual Skills
        • Legacy
      • VEXcode VR - Virtual Robot Coding
        • Get Started
        • Teaching with VEXcode
        • VR VR Premium
        • VR Enhanced
        • VR Features
        • VR Blocks
        • VR Python
    • User Entry Points to VEX and RECF
      • Educators
      • Coaches
      • Students
      • Parents

    Event Volunteer Roles Available (to help at Leagues)
    REC Foundation Volunteer Certifications
    • Event Partner Certification Course
    • VIQRC Head Referee Certification Course
    • Judge Advisor Certification Course
    • Coach Certification Course (REC Foundation)
    • Competitions / VEX IQ Robotics Competition
      • + Register a Team
      • Map of Local Events and Teams
      • World Skills Standings
      • Q&A: VIQRC and Judging
      • Available Team Numbers
      • Virtual Skills Standings
      • Live Remote Skills Standings
      • Webcasts of events
      • Events: Enter "LAUSD" in Event Name field to select LAUSD leagues
    • Resources
      • Support: Contact info for Regional Contacts
        • Team Engagement Manager (TEM)
        • Event Engagement Manager (EEM)
      • Map Search for Events and Teams
      • Contact Us
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    Coach Orientation for LAUSD VEX IQ Leagues Slides (PDF) (2019)

2023-2024 VEX IQ Robotics Competition (VIQRC) Full Volume

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

LeRoy Nelson, Treasurer
Los Angeles Robotics
1457 3rd St
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Mobile phone: (310) 529-4637
Home office phone: (310) 937-7226